The Programme

Message from Programme

In light of the recent economic boom in the Asian Pacific Region, providing more tailor-made financial services and quantitative analysis on the underlying commercial activities are of ultimate importance to our rapidly changing community.

In this respect, CUHK continues to play the most critical role in training the future elites with diverse knowledge and skills to best adapt to those challenges and help to maintain Hong Kong as the major economic hub in the region. On the one hand, our world- renowned Business School has the longest history of success and has established a very well-equipped financial laboratory in close association with both financial and government sectors in Hong Kong. While on the other hand, our Faculty of Science also has a massive group of world-leading scientific scholars, including Nobel Laureates, Fields Medalists, and Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, who play frontier roles in all areas of sciences and technological research. With their expertise across multiple disciplines, we can cultivate a cutting-edged learning environment and unique stimulating educational experience. Our Programme aims to nurture talents with both academic excellence and highly relevant soft skills to meet the growing demands in Hong Kong, mainland China and the rest of the world. Over the past few years, our students have acquired a broad exchange experience in various prestigious universities around the globe. Our Programme has also established strong networks and partnerships with the finance industry.